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Choosing bilingual: Preschool and Primary School in English

In order to proceed with the Bilingual Primary school (50%-50%) 2013-2014, it was necessary to create a division of the Preschool entirely in English.

English Preschool model:

The English preschool runs parallel to the well established preschool at Mimosa and follows the same structure, the one difference being that it is conducted in English and led by mother tongue teachers.

The English preschool is open to mother tongue Italian children (or to children who are stronger in Italian than in English and are seeking to balance abilities in both languages, as well as to internationals living in the Lucca area and will be able to raise levels of English to the required level in order to proceed on to the Bilingual Primary school.

At preschool we learn English whilst playing!

Based on the total number of children, we anticipate two groups of children based on age and /or period of attendance in the English section of the mornings core activity hours. With numbers kept low, this guarantees therefore that each child at this crucial stage of development benefits from a low teacher – child ratio and gets the attention they need.

Bilingual Primary School model:

Bilingual Primary School education is not a new concept and is widely established throughout the world and is growing in popularity in Italy. Mimosa is an established and reputable institution, with years of experience and has decided to continue following the Italian curriculum, but to include English as another teaching language. In the Bilingual School, expected to start in 2013-2014, English will be exclusively used in the teaching of scientific and mathematical subjects alongside English Language. The approach is not for English as a foreign language but as an extra “first language”. Literature and the humanities will be taught in Italian. Literacy and linguistic skills will be developed simultaneously in both languages.

Secondary subjects (sport, music, IT etc) and lunchtime will be organised in such a way as to keep the language quota at 50%-50%.

The Bilingual Primary is open to children from Italian families who have a good knowledge of English (through attendance of the English preschool, through an English/bilingual family and/or alternative international experience and exposure in Italy or abroad), as well as to foreigners who don’t want to lose their own language and culture.

Programming and coordination

The nature of a project such as this requires a degree of flexibility in the organisation of the curriculum and constant adjustment in line with the needs and responses of the children. However, we ensure a high quality academically robust education within a caring and personalised setting.

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