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Parent Testimonials

In an effort to keep improving our service, this section invites comments, ideas, critique and suggestions from parents. Following is a letter from two parents whose daughter is in the English Preschool.

“The idea of enrolling our daughter (3 years) in the English preschool at the Mimosa came from us wanting to give her something special that could also prove useful in the future. We were immediately interested and curious to know more and the idea of a Bilingual school, because we wanted her to be able to learn English easily, without stress and from an early age. It goes without saying, we were also a little concerned for our daughter because we were putting her into a group where she wouldn’t be able to understand the words of the teacher or to express herself in the same language. Thanks to advice from professionals in the field and our will to stick with the project, that for us is an investment, the first few months went by without too much difficulty, despite the absence of any real feedback from our daughter who when asked what she did at school, gave little away. However speaking with the teacher and her peers, we were very happy with what we heard. After no more than three months of continual attendance, at the progress meeting with her teacher we learned that she understood everything that was said to her and had already started to respond with some simple words in English. This was great to hear! My wife and I were also able to see for ourselves at home. Whilst my wife was watching television, my daughter picked up a word in English (beautiful) and repeated it. When I asked her if she knew what it meant, she replied with a synonym (wonderful) and its meaning (bello). Obviously we were a bit speechless! The peculiarities of this project is that the class doesn’t do an English course but lives their school life in English, plays, does experiments, follows their routine and relationships in English! We are 100% sure we took the right decision and intend on continuing to the Bilingual Primary School.


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