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The Mimosa Nursery follows each child in their educational journey and is focused on providing the right stimuli and activities to achieve the following aims:

  • Development of personal identity through the recognition and discovery of each child’s needs, abilities and limits in order to gain the confidence necessary to deal with new experiences.
  • Development of autonomy to allow each child to build trust in their own abilities and in others and to enjoy learning to do things by themselves.
  • Development of competency in a way that each child learn to express themselves, observe, confront and consolidate their motory, sensory, social, linguistic/expressive, creative and intellectual capabilities.
  • Development of citizenship to help each child to understand the rules of everyday life through the building of relations and dialog and to build respectful attitudes towards others, the environment and nature.


The Mimosa Nursery and Primary School uses a range of educational activities that are intentionally structured and implemented to meet the above aims.  These activities can be grouped into the following categories:

  • “My self and others”.  This means helping each child to express themselves, recognise, confront, reflect, discover and understand.
  • “Arguments and Words”.  This means stimulating the ability to communicate, express, recount, describe and enrich and use one’s own language.
  • “Body in Movement.  This means encouraging each child through physical activity to perceive, experiment, and discover.
  • “Languages and Creative Expression”.  This means supporting each child’s ability to explore, express and communicate not just using spoken language.
  • “World Awareness".  This means guiding each child to acquire, classify, organise, explore, represent, plan and quantify.

The school draws on a wide range of teaching methods in the pursuit of these activities.

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